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Picavya Technologies Inc prides itself as a leading web app development company based in India, with expertise in Core PHP and frameworks like Laravel and CakePHP. Our company provides highly useful applications that leave lasting impressions on users and help businesses connect with their customers. Our Web Design and Development Agency customizes solutions to meet your unique requirements. For over a decade, our PHP development services have helped global businesses establish themselves in the highly competitive digital world.


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Our expert PHP developers team utilizes front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, and frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, and Core PHP to develop functional websites that will digitally transform your evolving business requirements. At Picavya Technologies Inc, we create dynamic and interactive websites that are fast, reliable, and secure.

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We take a customized approach to each project, analyzing your specific business requirements to determine all you need to achieve your goals. We have streamlined our development processes to ensure that we only include the necessary codes and buttons, avoiding any confusion or clutter. Including only what is needed reduces the risk of errors, confusion, making it fast loading and efficient. We don't include any extra modules that may not align with your business goals, ensuring that your applications are focused and optimized. Our PHP Web Design and Development Agency prioritizes user experience, so we design our solutions to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Simply put, our custom PHP web development services empower you as a business owner to adjust systems that drive all business processes. This way, your organization can continually enhance its productivity, leading to cost and time savings.

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Custom Php Development

We specialize in building custom PHP websites that offer engaging and interactive experiences tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expert developers create mobile-responsive websites with centralized database connectivity using MySQL. We merge creativity and technical proficiency to provide our clients with seamless and user-friendly PHP applications.


PHP CMS Development

We create your Content Management System (CMS) using PHP Laravel and Code Ignitor, ensuring it integrates into your existing technology stack. Our CMS is user-friendly, making it convenient for you to streamline your business processes and ultimately improve client satisfaction.


PHP Web Portal Development

Our team of experts will build a user-friendly website with a simple yet effective design like Craigslist and for you. We create web portals for posting job listings and buying and selling items. Optimized for speed, our portals provide you with a reliable platform for connecting with your community and advertising your services.


PHP E-commerce Development

Our developers use PHP language to build fully functional e-commerce websites with integrated social channels, shopping cart, easy checkout, and admin tools. We utilize a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to optimize user satisfaction and conversion rates leading to increased sales.


Php Maintenance Projects

Our PHP Web Design and Development Agency maintains websites for security, performance, and effectiveness. We work with all PHP frameworks, like Laravel, CodeIgniter, and CakePHP, as well as custom PHP applications, ensuring software versions are up-to-date.


Corporate website development

At Picavya Technologies Inc, we create custom-designed corporate websites that meet your business goals. Our focus is on delivering a professional, branded website that sets you apart from competitors. We prioritize ease of navigation and effective calls to action to produce results for your organization.n


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Yes, as PHP Web Design and Development Agency, we develop websites using the latest PHP version, which powers over 78% of websites with server-side programming languages. PHP 8.0 introduced the JIT mechanism, which improved speed and efficiency, while PHP 8.1 provided increased performance, syntax, and security. Other latest PHP features include named arguments, expression matching, and better error handling.

PHP offers several merits over other frameworks and CMS like WordPress. For example, PHP frameworks are flexible and customizable, making it easier to integrate third-party services and features. PHP frameworks also provide strong security measures because our PHP expert developers can add security features to the base functionality of your site. PHP frameworks offer stable functionality that typically does not rely on consistent updates.

Yes. PHP ensures website stability through its support system. Each release branch is fully supported for two years, during which bugs and security issues are fixed in regular point releases. After this period, our PHP expert developers support critical issues only for each branch for one more year.

At NeuronTechnologies Inc, website security is a top priority. As a result, we take the following steps to ensure it is maintained. We protect against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks using HTML special characters and ENT_QUOTES in our application codes. We guard against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks by utilizing GET requests in our URL and making sure that non-GET requests only generate from our client-side code. Also, we prevent session hijacking by binding our sessions to our actual IP address and avoiding exposing IDs. In addition, we safeguard against SQL injection attacks by implementing parameterized queries. We ensure end-to-end secure data transmission by using SSL certificates. Lastly, our PHP expert developers hide files from the browser by storing them in a public folder rather than the root directory.

PHP is a top choice language for web development thanks to its adaptability to constant updates and ability to perform a variety of tasks, making it cost-effective and user-friendly. It also excels in most commercial projects, offering a light syntax and simple onboarding. Its capabilities extend to tasks such as data gathering and mobile integration.

PHP provides endless options for creating complex business websites that take into consideration unique client requirements. We integrate PHP with JavaScript to design visually appealing and functional websites. Our PHP expert developers have access to a range of powerful PHP-based content management systems like Moodle and WordPress, used to build websites. The PHP language is suited for developing blogs, e-commerce sites, and learning management systems.

PHP is an ideal choice for web development with numerous benefits. It offers scalability and handles large-scale projects with ease, along with being free to use. PHP is easy to learn and use, with libraries and resources available for optimized code. PHP is also very fast, so websites made with it load quickly. That’s why many businesses choose to use PHP for their websites.

Our highly skilled PHP expert developers use advanced technology to build faster PHP websites for our clients by enabling OPcache on our servers, upgrading to the latest PHP version, optimizing the code, deploying on cloud hosting, and using native PHP functions. These steps reduce server load, optimize website processing, and improve user experience.

NeuronTechnologies Inc takes every possible measure to safeguard clients’ websites from external attacks. For example, we prevent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) by using HTML special chars & ENT_QUOTES in application codes. To protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks, our experts use GET requests in URLs and ensure non-GET requests only generate from client-side code. To prevent session hijacking, we bind sessions to the actual IP address, and IDs are not exposed. The company prevents SQL injection attacks with the help of parameterized queries and SSL certificates to secure data transmission between servers.

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